Rabbinical Council

Kosher Organics  offers worldwide  kosher certification services, exclusively for 100% Natural and Organic Products . Through its Rabbinical Council, it  assures the highest orthodox kosher certification standards with the highest level of integrity.

Rabbinic Administrators

The Rabbinic Administrators work closely with the Rabbinic Coordinators,
to maintain the highest standards of kosher certification, and are especially involved in easing  and expediting the process through which new companies achieve Kosher Organics certification by providing outstanding service.

The Rabbinic Administrators maximize the benefits of the Kosher Organics certification, by strengthening the certified company’s position in the organic and all-natural products marketplace by providing clients and  consumers the highest level of kosher certification. exclusively for organic and 100% natural products.

Rabbinic Coordinators

The Kosher Organics Council has a network of Rabbinic Coordinators that work closely with the Rabbinic Field Inspectors, to provide companies requesting Kosher Organics certification, the information and assistance necessary to expedite the certification process.

The Rabbinic Coordinators supervise and coordinate the overall work of the Rabbinic Field Inspectors, and review the manufacturing process, the ingredients, and the product labels, to ensure that all the facilities being certified by the Kosher Organics Council meet and maintain the highest kosher standards.

Rabbinic Field Inspectors

Kosher Organics has a network of Rabbinic Field Inspectors operating under the Kosher Organics Council’s supervision. Each manufacturing facility is visited regularly and monitored by a Rabbinical Field Inspector.

The Field Inspectors that make the actual plant visits of the manufacturing facilities, report and work closely with the Rabbinic Coordinators, to ensure that the Kosher Organics certification program is running efficiently and continues to meet the highest orthodox kosher standards.