How We’re Different


What makes our Kosher Organics Certification different?

The following are some central points that are unique to our Kosher Organics Certification:

  • Kosher Organics is a unique and recognized organization, established to provide education, consulting and certification services,
  • Kosher Organics certification services are listed in major publications, and solely focus on earth-friendly natural and organic products.
  • Our certification services are available only for products with natural and organic ingredients that meet our strict kosher certification standards.
  • We assist the industry, in particular the companies we represent, to promote and bring these products into the kosher marketplace.
  • We actively promote these products to markets previously not inclined or exposed to this type of product.
  • We promote and support the companies we work with. ” Promoting and Caring
  • We offer worldwide services, and have inspectors in close proximity to the processing plant’s location to minimize costs and traveling expenses.
  • We are aggressive to ensure that cost will not be an obstruction.
  • Our Director is well known and respected throughout the U.S as well as outside the country.
  • Our mission is to promote a healthier lifestyle among the Jewish communities and beyond.

Kosher Organics is driven by a desire to make a difference. That is why we find joy in work that makes peoples lives healthier, affects positive change, and protects our planet.