Kosher Natural


All Natural products certified kosher by Kosher Organics meet the following criteria:

  • The product and its ingredients must be 100% natural or a combination of organic and natural ingredients. Natural ingredients include plant, animal, mineral or microbial ingredients present in nature
  • Contain no artificial preservatives, colors, flavors and sweeteners, no synthetic ingredients, and no hydrogenated fats
  • Produced using minimal processing, and extracted using simple methods, simple chemical reactions or resulting from naturally occurring processes
  • Not contain any ingredient which produces free glutamic acid (similar to MSG) when processed
  • Free of petrochemicals, using only natural ingredients as solvents
  • The product should use no animal testing in its development
  • If any ingredients in the products are GM they must switch to a non-GMO source within the first year of certification.

Products that have successfully met our kosher and natural certification criteria may display our trademarked KOSHER symbol with the KOSHER NATURAL CERTIFICATION on packaging and advertising. Companies under this certification program are inspected on an ongoing basis to insure that they strictly comply with our standard.