Kosher Certification

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At Kosher Organics we believe that organic foods and natural products are better for our bodies, better for our communities, and better for our planet. To bring more healthy choices to kosher consumers our organization offers kosher certification to manufacturers of organic and all natural foods and products and education and consulting services for increased health and wellbeing.

The “Kosher Organics” symbol is a symbol of integrity in kosher food certification on any ingredient or product that is 100% natural or certified organic by the USDA or other certification agencies approved by governmental authorities.

A trademarked logo that signifies “kashrut” as defined by stringent orthodox Jewish law, the Kosher Organics symbol for Natural or Organic foods and products assures consumers of the optimal kosher standard to protect our health and the world we live-in.

  • The Kosher Organics Certification symbol is recognized as an accepted and trusted international kosher certification symbol by leading kashrut organizations.
  • The Kosher Organics symbol is listed under the OLAM HATORAH universal directory of “Torah and Chesed Institutions” as a kosher supervision and certification trademark.
  • The Kosher Organics symbol is listed by Rabbi Eliezer Eidlitz in KOSHERQUEST the leading source of Kashrus information as a reliable kosher symbol as listed on
  • Kosher Organics is listed in the KASHRUS magazine’s “2020-2021 Kosher Supervision Guide” of worldwide kosher certification agencies.

The commitment of Kosher Organics is above all rooted in the desire to see an increase of a wide range of natural and all organic food products being certified kosher and made available to consumers, worldwide. To this end our organization works side by side on an individual basis with each of our clients to create reasonable and cost effective certification and supervision programs.

Contrary to popular misconception, rabbis or other officials do not bless food to make it “kosher”. Food can be kosher without a rabbi ever becoming involved: the vegetables from your garden are undoubtedly kosher (as long as they do not have any insects).

If that is the case, why do so many foods require kosher supervision and certification?

The answer is that all the ingredients in the preparation of the product must be kosher and the production process must be kosher as well. Unless a person visits every manufacturing plant, the consumer would find it impossible to determine whether or not a given item is kosher. In addition, complex worldwide manufacturing and distribution has brought new pressures in determining whether a given ingredient or manufacturing process is kosher.

With kosher certification, the task of determining if ingredients or products are kosher is greatly simplified. The kosher symbol system helps consumers find kosher products inspected by a reliable kosher certification agency.

Kosher symbols and adjacent labels or suffixes.

Products that have been certified as kosher are labeled with a symbol or mark called a “hecksher” (from the same Hebrew root as the word kosher) that identifies the rabbi or organization that certified the product. Most kosher certification marks are trademarked logos and cannot be used without the permission of the certifying organization. The certifying organization assures you that the product meets their kosher standards.

Products that are Dairy or have some Dairy ingredients are labeled with a”D” suffix or the word “Dairy” adjacent to the Kosher Organics symbol.
Products manufactured in equipment that also processes dairy products are labeled with the “DE” suffix for Dairy Equipment.
Meat products are labeled with an “M” suffix adjacent to the Kosher Organics symbol, or the word “Meat”.
An item without a suffix is Pareve, or it may display the word “Pareve” adjacent to the symbol.
The “P”suffix is for Passover products only.
Additionally products may have adjacent to the Kosher Organics symbol and the Dairy, Meat and Pareve suffix, additional suffixes such as GMO-Free, Glutten-Free, Vegan and others.