Kosher Trends


Kosher Trends – New Concepts in Healthy Eating

Market research confirms growing interest among US food shoppers for all natural, organic and kosher products. Surveys have found that nearly one in four Americans find organic labeling helpful, especially if certified by USDA, in providing and additional assurance of quality and peace of mind when making choices to purchase good foods to serve their families.

The kosher trend is also gaining momentum as more people come to understand the laws associated with kosher certification. Many consumers surveyed recognized the kosher certification seal as something they would consider when making quality food-purchasing.

But kosher certification does not represent that the products are free of preservatives, additives, or artificial ingredients. Therefore, at  Kosher Organics we have taken the responsibility to certify only kosher products that are 100 % natural or certified organic.

Our consciousness in merging Jewish kosher dietary laws with natural and organic food is a logical extension of Jewish philosophy. Many topics in the Torah (The Five Books of Moses) deal with these subjects. The agricultural practices such as Kila’im (which crops may be grown in close proximity), Pei’ah (leaving the corner of the field for the poor), Bikurim (bringing the first fruit to the temple), Shmita, or sabbatical year (leaving the land follow every seven years) reflect the responsibilityof every generation to receive the earth from our ancestors and to pass it to future generations.

At Kosher Organics, we endeavor to enlighten consumers about the connection between the responsibility of observing Jewish law as specified in the Torah (also known as the Five Books of Moses), having compassion for animals, and following healthy life styles and environmentally conscious growing practices.

Keeping kosher and a lifestyle of health and sustainability not only benefits our inner self and the world we live in, it touches the soul of the entire world and it infuses it with spiritual light.