The Process


The Process of Kosher Certification

The reliability of kosher food certification and the organic or natural label on a product has become a key figure in a company’s bottom line profit margin and customer satisfaction. If a company that produces products with 100% natural or organic certified ingredients wants to be kosher certified the process works in the following manner:

  1. The company must apply to Kosher Organics for kosher certification, by filling out a certification form.
  2. The Rabbinical Council will review the form, and all the products and ingredients involved in the manufacturing or production process.
  3. A preliminary fee will be quoted for the certification process, based on the cost to set up a program for kosher certification. A Rabbinical authority will be dispatched to the company’s manufacturing facility requesting certification.
  4. The Rabbi will coordinate with the plant personnel a program to create a process whereas products may be certified kosher if they also meet the organic and natural standards for certification. The process involves examining the ingredients used to make the product, and examining the process and equipment by which the product is prepared.
  5. Once the program is established a contract will be signed whereby the company obligates itself to follow the kosher standards specified by our Rabbinical Council.
  6. The cost of the Kosher Organics certification is determined by the cost to set up the company’s program for certification, including visits to the processing facilities as necessary, to ensure that the company maintains the Kosher Organics certification standards.
  7. Kosher Organics works with each client to create reasonable and cost effective fee structures.