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about kosher organics certification

KOSHER ORGANICS – Bringing highlighted public awareness of Kosher Dietary Laws and Earth-Friendly Natural and Organic Foods and Products to everyone.

Kosher Organics with headquarters in the United States, is a worldwide organization founded by a cross section of Rabbi’s and observant lay leaders to provide individuals and businesses focused resources on the growing kosher organic and natural products market. Our organization serves as a source of advocacy for kosher dietary laws and as a center for environmental information, education and support for sustainable agriculture, natural health and well-being lifestyles.

Kosher Organics developed a premier kosher certification program for organic and natural products under the direction of our Rabbinical Council. Our Kosher Organics kosher certification services and our trademarked Kosher Organics symbol for organic and natural earth-friendly products, provide the tools and techniques for businesses to reach the estimated $12.5 billion kosher market (as per the Research Report by Mintel); and the estimated $290 billion marketplace for goods and services focused on health, the environment, personal development and sustainable living (as per the Research Report by the Natural Marketing Institute).

Only those foods and products meeting the strictest standards of kosher law are permitted to display the Kosher Organics symbol. These standards equal those set by other leading kosher certifications agencies. Consumers can be assured of standards that would be acceptable in any major kosher center around the world, be it New York, Los Angeles, or Jerusalem.

At Kosher Organics we are pleased to join the social, business, and environmentally responsible communities in their effort to bring more organic, natural foods and “green” products to the growing kosher marketplace, and in this way contribute to the movement for increased health and sustainability.