Promoting and Caring


Kosher Organics has helped many companies achieve the prestigious Kosher Organics or Kosher Natural status. At Kosher Organics, we carefully evaluate every product; and only certify and promote foods, nutritional and earth friendly products that support health and wellbeing.

Kosher Organics
works closely with all the brands we certify to keep them at (or improve them to) the highest standards. Not all “Kosher Natural” products are certified non-GMO. Our Nutrition Director works with the company to move them to non-GMO sources for ingredients, and to get them certified as non-GMO products. If any ingredients in the products we certify are GM they must switch to a non-GMO source within the first year of certification.

The only certification that currently ensures that no ingredient in a product is irradiated is organic certification. We promote and support the companies we work with to upgrade from “Kosher Natural” to “Kosher Organic” ingredients. If the company is unable to move to organic, we promote trying to get their ingredients from non- irradiated sources whenever possible.

When companies want to certify a product with us, the Nutrition Director goes over all the ingredients. If there are any health issues or concerns, she will suggest healthy alternatives as needed. We will not certify any product that does not meet our definition of “Natural“.

We also care about the kosher community. Our Nutrition Director is a resource promoting health and wellness in the community. She is also a resource for the companies we work with by communicating the kosher community’s needs to the companies producing these products.

Kosher Organics works hard to increase the availability of healthy kosher products, and is always trying to find healthy natural and organic products to certify as kosher. We want the brands we work with do be successful. Additional support and suggestions are also targeted to improve sales for all products we work with.

Kosher Organics is more than a kosher certification agency; we are an organization that cares about health and the environment. We are a resource for our affiliates and the community to promote wellness.