Our Standards



The Optimal Standard to Protect our Body and our Soul

The Kosher Organics trademarked symbol. brings to the consumer the assurance that the product meets the most stringent requirements for kosher certification, and that its ingredients are natural and organic.

Products that display the Kosher Organics symbol must be sensitive to protecting the environment and the products must be free from artificial ingredients, modified organisms and/or ionizing radiation. Animals that produce meat, poultry, eggs and dairy products may not be treated with antibiotics or growth hormones.

The Kosher Organics symbol.

  • With uncompromising integrity we offer the highest standards for kosher certification. Only those organic and natural foods and products meeting the strictest Orthodox standards of kosher law are permitted to display the Kosher Organics symbol.
  • Products that have successfully met our kosher certification criteria and our natural and organic standards may display the Kosher Organics symbol on packaging and advertising.

Companies under the certification program of the Kosher Organics’ Rabbinical Council certification program may be inspected on an on-going basis to insure that they strictly comply with our Council’s standards.

  • The Kosher Organics Certification symbol is listed under the OLAM HATORAH universal directory of “Torah and Hesed Institutions” as a kosher supervision and certification trademark.
  • The Kosher Organics symbol is listed by Rabbi Eliezer Eidlitz in KOSHERQUEST the leading source of Kashrus information as a reliable kosher symbol as listed on kosherquest.org.
  • The Kosher Organics symbol is listed in KASHRUT.COM, the premier kosher information source in the internet.
  • Kosher Organics is a member of the AKO, the Association of Kashrus Organizations.