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Kosher Organics has helped many companies achieve the prestigious Kosher Organics or Kosher Natural status. At Kosher Organics, we carefully evaluate every product; and only certify and promote foods, nutritional and earth friendly products that support health and wellbeing. Here are some of our most recent entries.

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Baby Food

  • Gelmix and Purathick by Parapharma Tech

    Providing the only USDA organic thickeners for adults and children with swallowing difficulties, Parapharma Tech is invested in improving the quality of nutrition for people with dysphagia. Gelmix Infant Thickener for breast milk and formula is recommended for babies with spit-up or swallowing difficulties, and Purathick Natural Thickener thickens hot and cold liquids for adults and children with dysphagia. Both thickeners are hypoallergenic, tasteless and completely smooth when mixed.


    Gelmix Infant Thickener 
    Purathick Natural Thickener

    Parapharma Tech
    Phone: 866-950-7278
    Website: www.healthierthickening.com

    Kosher Organics Certification: KOSHER ORGANICS

Bread & Bake Mixes



    We start with certified organic whole grains grown without herbicides, pesticides or hormones. We use whole grain wheat, rye, barley, oats, millet and brown rice. They are MILLED FRESH DAILY at the bakery and soaked, which predigests them so they are not acid producing. Our heart, soul and integrity are baked into every nutrient rich loaf; We take pride in the pure facts. We promise: It is all in there!


    • Organic Farmers Bread
    • Organic Seven Grain Power
    • Organic Whole Wheat Power
    • Organic Four Seeds, Fruit and Nut Power
    • Organic Survival Power
    • Organic Country Power
    • Jogging Power (made with organic grains, seeds and spices)
    Phone: 954.491-4464 | Toll free: 877.577-2911
    Kosher Organics Certification: KOSHER ORGANICS

Herbs & Supplements

  • Tonica Herbal Wellness

  • Tonica Herbal Wellness

    Tonica Herbal Wellness’ Exceptional Herbal Tonics, Tinctures and Capsules are a Simple, Organic, All Natural approach to addressing many health challenges and concerns and helping every body feel overall great again.

    Tonica Herbal Wellness Is committed to providing people with quality, all natural and organic herbal formulations that are gentle, easy to use and produce highly effective results.

    “Our goal at Tonica Herbal Wellness is to provide people with the products and insight necessary to create overall whole body health. With our emphasis on the wholistic Cleansing and Detoxification of the entire body system together with these exceptional products to support this process, B”H we are seeing tremendous and miraculous results for people!  We recommend starting with the THW Complete Cleanse, Detoxify, and Rebuild System to cleanse your body and jump start your journey to optimal health and wellness.”

    3 Highly Recommended Products:

    Tonica Herbal Wellness’ Cleanse


    Rebuild Health System

    Check out the rest of Tonica Herbal Wellness products online at www.tonicaherbalwellness.com

    Kosher Organics Certification: KOSHER ORGANICS




    Journeyman Distillery offers a “grain to glass” drinking experience with its line of handcrafted artisan spirits. All our products from milling of the grain, to distillation and bottling of the product, are manufactured entirely in the Historic Featherbone Factory in Three Oaks, Michigan.

    Certified organic by MOSA, and USDA, our artisan distillers only use essential ingredients to produce a product pure in taste, without the use of GMOs, artificial coloring or preservatives. Visit us at our Three Oaks location where we offer tours, food, tastings and handmade cocktails. Please visit our website for available retail locations, and more information about the distillery.



    • Whiskey
    • Single malt
    • Vodka
    • Gin
    • Rum
    • Coffee Liqueur


    Phone: (269) 820-2050
    Website: www.journeymandistillery.com

    Kosher Organics Certification: KOSHER ORGANICS

Natural Beverages

  • Raw-Republic-logo


    Raw Republic is a 100% organic wellness boutique. We are here to introduce you to kale, cold pressed juices, a natural alternative to your medication or a swap to natural, organic cosmetics and lifestyle products. Our team is ready to help clean your mind, body and spirit – because everyone deserves to look and feel amazing.

    We take quality seriously, using only the best ingredients and processes to create superior juice, smoothie, and vegan food options that are never added to or altered in any way.

    Raw Republic is the complete source for your new lifestyle.

    Come visit us at 20804 Biscayne Blvd, Aventura, FL


    100% raw, organic, cold pressed juices, using the best ingredients to create superior healthy juices:

    • Almond Mylk
      Big Apple
      Café con Leche
      Chai Latte
      Coco Loco
      Coconut H20
      Ginger Ale
      Ginja Ninja
      Green Fiend

    • Let the Beet Drop
      License to Kale
      Pear Odise
      Pineapple Express
      Pink Lady
      Raw Revolution
      Sunshine State
      Sweet Tart
      The 8 Wonders
      The Grapefruit Deal
      What’s Up Doc


    Phone: (305) 705-4226
    Website: www.drinkrawrepublic.com
    Address: 20804 Biscayne Blvd., Aventura FL 33180

    Kosher Certification: KOSHER NATURAL

Natural Yogurts

  • CoYo-Logo

  • CO YO US has created a decadent, delicious and healthy Coconut Cream Yogurt Alternative.  Each tub of CO YO contains the pulp and cream of (1) whole coconut, which means it contains a full abundance of all-natural vitamins, fiber and nutrients specific to healthy metabolism.

    Offered in (4) unique and delicious flavors, Natural, Chocolate, Mixed Berry and Mango – CO YO Coconut Cream Yogurt Alternative is gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, zero-added sugar, and elegantly satisfies the standards of both Kosher Natural and Vegan foods.  One taste and you’ll know why CO YO is “Heaven in a mouthful.”

    Products: (5.3 oz & 12 oz sizes)
    Mixed Berry

    CO YO US

    Phone: (505) 247-0012
    Website: www.coyo.us

    Kosher Organics Certification: Kosher Natural

  • Seven-Stars-Yogurt


    Pure organic european style old-fashioned yogurt made in a biodynamic farm since 1987
    • Whole Milk: Plain, Maple,Vanilla, Lemon
    • Low Fat: Plain, Maple
    Phone: (610) 935-1949
    Kosher Organics Certification: KOSHER ORGANICS

Natural Snacks

  • Skinny-Crisps-Logo


    The SKINNY CRISPS bakery has created a nutritious, satisfying, crispy cracker that combines great taste with gluten free ingredients and approximately one half a net carb per cracker.


    • The Whole Shebang
    • Chocolate Brownie Crisp
    • Plain Janes
    • Say Cheese
    • White Sesame
    • Toasty Onion
    • Cinnamon Crisps
    • Seeded


    Phone: (303) 449-9910

    Kosher Organics Certification: KOSHER NATURAL

  • Los-Chileorsphoto-24

  • LOS CHILEROS de Nuevo Mexico

    Providing authentic gourmet Southwest cuisine tastes since 1981.


    • Corn, Chips and Popcorn

    Phone: (505) 768-1100
    Toll-Free: (888) Eat-Chile
    Website: www.LosChileros.com

    Kosher Certification: KOSHER ORGANICS and KOSHER NATURAL

Salsas, Rubs and Marinades

  • Los-Chileorsphoto-24

  • LOS CHILEROS de Nuevo Mexico

    Providing authentic gourmet Southwest cuisine tastes since 1981.


    • Organic and All Natural Chiles
    • Salsa Mixes, Rubs & Marinades
    • Corn, Chips and Popcorn
    • Soups, Meals and Gifts
    • Cooking Sauces

    Phone: (505) 768-1100
    Toll-Free: (888) Eat-Chile
    Website: www.LosChileros.com

    Kosher Certification: KOSHER ORGANICS and KOSHER NATURAL

Syrups & Honeys

  • Keez Beez Logo




    American’s southernmost professional beekeepers,  providing  100% pure Premium Honey like no other in the Country.

    Our Honey

    Our honey is a completely natural product Made from exotic; seasonally changing tropical flower nectars unique to the Florida Keys. We produce a premium honey from our own honeycombs, which is never exposed to pesticides or other contaminants. One spoon of KEEZ BEEZ  Honey will dazzle your taste buds.

    Tel: (305) 798-7633

    Website: www.keezbeez.com

    Kosher Certification: KOSHER ORGANICS